Reconstructive Facial Surgery After an Accident

Facial reconstructions can result from some of the most traumatizing experiences of our lives. When we think of an accident and facial reconstruction, our first thought is usually a motor vehicle collisions. However, facial trauma or deformities can result from fights, sporting injuries, animal bites, or even simple falls when not paying attention. The consequences […]

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Rhinoplasty Techniques- Ethnic Rhinoplasty

No two rhinoplasties should be performed the same, as the surgery should be individualized to the patient’s unique size, shape, and structure of the nose. This is especially true when it comes to preserving the patient’s natural look by customizing the nose job to specific ethnic standards and characteristics. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will take […]

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Using fillers to postpone a full surgical facelift

Facelift with Fillers in Orange County California The decision have a facelift can be a hard one to make. A facelift is a surgical procedure and involves a fair amount of downtime. Fortunately there are options for those who would like the benefits of a facelift but have busy schedules and are not ready to […]

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Upcoming Rhinoplasty Techniques

Over the past few decades rhinoplasty techniques have made great advancements. In addition to having access to the latest, most advanced equipment, our team has training in the newest techniques. Our revolutionary rhinoplasty methods can help you achieve a symmetrical and natural nose. Opting to undergo a nose job at our Newport Beach office can […]

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Five Signs That You Need a Deviated Septum Surgery

Though everyone dreams of having a symmetrical facial balance, a perfect nose is virtually non-existent. Most individuals have the septum slightly off center and the imbalance causes no concern, but for a percentage of the population living with a deviated septum is life altering. In these instances, undergoing a special procedure to correct a deviated […]

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Should I choose Open or Closed Rhinoplasty for my Nasal Bump?

A Rhinoplasty, or nose job is one of the most commonly sought after forms of plastic surgery. Dr. Alexis Furze proudly specializes in the delicate art of nasal surgery. He understands the intricate nature of your nasal structure and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology necessary to give you a more nature and symmetrical appearance. If […]

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10 Ways To Minimize Post-Surgery Complications

As with any surgery, there is always a risk of complications. Rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure, so it is only natural that post-surgery complications occasionally arise. Although dealing with complications after major surgery can be challenging, there are steps you can take to prevent feeling helpless and to speed up healing. Do Your Research Know […]

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Edema- Post Rhinoplasty

When you undergo a Rhinoplasty procedure, post operative swelling is to be expected and may last for up to a year following your surgery. This isn’t to say your nose will look appear swollen, but your tissue and cartilage is still going through the healing process and necessary changes. Edema post-rhinoplasty is related to swelling […]

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Is It a Cold or Sinusitis?

Congestion, headache, fatigue, difficulty breathing, mucus build up and a runny nose. Are you suffering from a common cold or a sinusitis? Because the symptoms of a cold and a sinus infection often overlap, it can be difficult to determine what exactly ails you. However, the two conditions are distinct. The main difference between the […]

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