Revision Rhinoplasty

Typically performed on patients who have previously undergone a rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Furze, who is considered one of Newport Beach’s experts in nose surgery, strives to implement the changes needed to improve the patient’s nasal form, function, and confidence. He often reconstructs nose structures and addresses other surgical errors.

Candidates for Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery that is performed on a patient who has previously undergone rhinoplasty. There are several reasons why a patient may need revision rhinoplasty. These include:

  • Dissatisfaction with cosmetic outcome of previous rhinoplasty
  • Cosmetic or structural defect caused by previous rhinoplasty
  • Breathing problem that has arisen due to previous rhinoplasty
  • Accident or trauma that needs to be addressed through rhinoplasty


Patients who are considering rhinoplasty are typically excited about improving their nose, but the opposite is true for revision rhinoplasty candidates. In addition to facing another surgery and recovery period, they may feel quite hopeless about ever achieving their goals. When breathing problems are involved, they may wonder if another surgery will improve their health or just makes things worse.

Knowing that revision rhinoplasty can be very stressful for his patients, Dr. Alexis Furze strives to reassure his patients and allay any concerns before moving forward with the surgery. He takes the time to explain why revision rhinoplasty is necessary and demonstrates how the changes he makes will improve nasal form and function.

Challenges associated with revision rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is known to be a very complex and demanding surgery. While the natural nose is predictable, there is less structural integrity in a nose that has already been operated on. In addition to changes in normal anatomy, scar tissue will also present. Using endoscopic tools before surgery, Dr. Furze can get a rough idea of what he will be addressing during surgery, but he won’t have a perfect view until the surgery is underway.

Due to these factors, any surgeon who performs revision rhinoplasty must be proficient in a wide variety of surgical techniques that he is able to perform on demand. Knowing how challenging the surgery is, many plastic surgeons choose not to perform revision rhinoplasty.


Choosing a surgeon for your revision rhinoplasty

If you need revision rhinoplasty, it’s very important that you take the time to find a doctor who can provide you with an excellent result. You need to ensure that your concerns are resolved during the next nose surgery so that you won’t be faced with a third or fourth rhinoplasty.

For many people in Orange County, Dr. Furze is the top choice in surgeons when it comes to revision rhinoplasty. In addition to his extensive experience, he is double board certified in Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, making him highly qualified to perform such a demanding surgery. In order to ensure the best results, Dr. Furze creates a personalized surgical plan for each revision rhinoplasty patient. He carefully identifies techniques that may be required so that he is prepared to successfully address any obstacles during surgery.

Learn more about revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Furze

We know that the prospect of revision rhinoplasty can be nerve-wracking. We encourage you to contact us today to set up an initial consultation with Dr. Furze so he can assess your situation and determine how to best help you. Dr. Furze will approach your case with compassion and honesty. In cases where only minor changes are required, Dr. Furze may recommend a non-surgical approach to correcting your nose using dermal fillers. He will not perform revision rhinoplasty unless he is confident that it will truly help improve nasal appearance and function.

FAQ: Revision Rhinoplasty

Q Who is a candidate for revision rhinoplasty?

If you have had a previous rhinoplasty and are not satisfied with the results or are experiencing complications, a second surgery may be an option. The best candidates have a healthy attitude and realistic expectations about what a rhinoplasty can achieve. Dr. Furze works closely with every patient to design an appropriate surgical plan. He will carefully review your case history and aesthetic goals.

Q How soon can I have a revision rhinoplasty procedure after a primary surgery?

It takes time for your nose to settle into its new shape after a primary surgery. You should to allow for enough time for the nose to fully heal and stabilize before pursuing a revision rhinoplasty. Because it can take up to a year for final results to appear, Dr. Furze does not recommend undergoing a second surgery before 12 months. However, if you have serious complications, you should immediately consult with a plastic surgeon for a professional opinion. It is important to see somebody who is has an excellent track record with revision procedures.

Q Can a revision rhinoplasty address both functional and aesthetic issues?

Yes, the goal of a revision rhinoplasty is to correct any problems related to the initial nose surgery. Some of most common reasons a patient may request a revision rhinoplasty include over- or under-correction. Sometimes too much tissue is removed or, conversely, too little is taken away. In some cases, functional issues may arise due to poor surgical technique. A revision rhinoplasty procedure is a very complex surgery, requiring a high level of skill. Dr. Furze applies his eye and skill to correct problems and restore a better balance of the features.

Q Is it safe to have more than one nose surgery?

Yes, a second rhinoplasty is safe–and in some instances necessary. However, too many nose surgeries can increase the risk of scarring and other problems. For many patients, a revision rhinoplasty can vastly improve the outcome. However, if a patient has had multiple rhinoplasties and is still not satisfied with the aesthetic results, the patient may need to review his or her expectations.

What Our Patients are Saying

“I am a rhinoplasty surgery patient and it took me 9 years to finally choose a surgeon to trust with my nose”

Dr. Alexis is a pleasant young doctor who is knowledgeable and willing to take the time to answer your questions and cover all your concerns so that you feel good when you leave his office. I definitely recommend him if ever need his services.

Dr. Furze is easy to communicate with, and is meeting all my post op needs. Of course this is after a successful surgery that I fully understood and was scheduled on my terms as immediate as was needed.

Written by Dr. Furze
Last updated: Wed 13 March, 2019
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