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Reconstruction Surgery: Facial Fracture Repair

Facial Fracture Repair

Stemming from accidental falls, sport injuries, or car accidents, a majority of facial fractures require repair due to their aesthetic and/or functional consequences. With nasal fracture being the most frequent form of facial fractures, additional facial bones such as the cheekbones, orbital bones, jawbones or the forehead may also be fractured from trauma and require facial reconstructive surgery.

Reconstruction Surgery: Facial Nerve Repair

Facial Nerve Repair

Serving to re-establish the function of the face, repair of the facial nerve is the most beneficial procedure in facial restoration. Repair is designated towards patients who have encountered a critical disturbance or transection of the facial nerve as a result from accidents trauma, resection during extirpation, or unintentional separation during surgery.

Reconstruction Surgery: Facial Grafting

Facial Grafting

Targeting significant facial volume loss, facial grafting involves extracting fat from one’s own abdomen and/or thighs to administer into certain regions of the face experiencing a severe lack of volume. Utilizing a detailed hand-harvesting technique, refining process, and microdroplet injection method improves longevity contrasted with dated techniques which compromise transplanted fat durability.

Reconstruction Surgery: Facial Implants

Facial Implants

For individuals struggling with a small chin, unpronounced jaw or lack of facial contour, facial implants are uniquely formed solid materials adaptable with human tissues. Also referred to as chin implants and cheek implants, facial implants are engineered to enhance or alter the physical structure of your face to your aesthetic desire.

Reconstruction Surgery: Nasal Reconstruction

Nasal Reconstruction

Congenital defects, injuries and car accidents often lead to both aesthetic and functionality issues of the nose. Nasal reconstruction is a surgical procedure utilized to restructure differing variations of nasal defects. Using a paramedian forehead flap, the skin from the forehead above the eyebrow is pivoted vertically to recover missing nasal tissue and restore facial harmony.

Reconstruction Surgery: Mohs Surgery

Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is an acute surgical technique used to treat skin cancer. During Mohs surgery, the fine layers of cancer-containing skin are steadily removed and inspected until only cancer-free tissue resides. It is the most effective treatment for most types of skin cancer.

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Last updated: Wed 13 March, 2019
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