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For patients seeking to correct drooping, sagging skin in the neck/jowl area, a necklift is used to reverse signs of aging on the neck. Dr. Furze provides patients with a natural and graceful look.

What is a Neck Lift

A neck lift is a type of cosmetic surgery that is designed to reduce signs of aging on the neck by tightening loose skin and muscles. A neck lift can minimize lines and wrinkles and correct drooping, saggy skin, allowing the neck look younger and more youthful. Neck lifts are very effective at correcting signs of aging on the neck, which is one of the places most affected by the aging process, so it is no surprise that this is one of the most requested surgeries at Facial Plastic Surgery Orange County. Extensively trained in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Alexis Furze works with his patients to provide them a natural, graceful look through surgery.


Goals of a Necklift

The goals of a neck lift are to correct signs of aging on the neck while providing a natural appearance. Also referred to as a lower rhytidectomy or lower facelift, the surgery may address any of the following complaints:

  • The appearance of a double chin caused by excess fat or dangling skin beneath the chin
  • Loose skin and excess fat on the lower face that causes jowls
  • Loose neck skin
  • Wrinkles and deep lines on the neck
  • Banding that appears across around the neck

Leveraging his training in head and neck surgery, Dr. Furze skillfully performs neck lifts that provide a natural result. When performing a neck lift, it is important to avoid over tightening the skin and musculature, which can cause an unnatural appearance or cause an abnormal pulling effect on the lower facing.

Ideal Candidates for Neck Lift

Ideal candidates for a neck lift are those who present with visible signs of aging on the neck, which they wish to correct through surgery. Some people notice that their neck appears to be aging more rapidly than their face. A neck lift can be performed alone to allow the neck to match the appearance of the upper face. Others may also feel unhappy about the appearance of their face and choose to undergo a facelift at the same time. Candidates must also be in good overall health, be non-smokers, and have realistic expectations and a positive attitude.

Non-Surgical Neck Lifts

A non surgical neck lift is performed by using injectables such as Restylane or Botox to provide a lifting and rejuvenating effect. This procedure offers several advantages to those wishing to correct signs of aging on the neck. A non surgical neck lift is not invasive, so there is a lower risk of complications, a shorter recovery period, and lower price tag associated with the procedure. The major drawbacks, however, are that a non surgical neck lift cannot provide results that last as long or are as comprehensive as a traditional, surgical neck lift.

A non surgical neck lift is an excellent option for those individuals who are beginning to experience signs of aging on their neck. If you are not ready to undergo surgery, a non surgical neck lift might be a good option for you. Dr. Furze has helped many patients achieve excellent results through non surgical neck lifts and he will be happy to help you determine whether this treatment will provide the results you desire.

How a Neck Lift is Performed

The way in which a neck lift is performed is similar to a facelift. After the chosen anesthetic has been administered, Dr. Furze makes incisions in front of the earlobe and extending behind the ear. He takes great care to make the incisions within the natural folds of the skin so they will be well concealed after they have healed.

Once he has gained access to the underlying musculature, Dr. Furze begins tightening the skin and muscles until the desired effect is achieved. He will suture the skin and muscles into their new position and trim away any excess skin or fat as needed. During the procedure, Dr. Furze may use a cannula (a thin tube) to suck away excess fat to help achieve an optimal result. Once all of the revisions are made, he will close the incisions with sutures and apply a compression strap to support the healing process.

Recovery After a Neck Lift

After your surgery, a friend or family member should drive you home. You should plan to rest at home for several days and keep your head elevated as much as possible during this time. You will be instructed on how and when to apply cold compresses to minimize swelling, bruising, and discomfort. Dr. Furze will also prescribe medications to help manage any pain or discomfort you feel. You should continue wearing your compression strap as much as possible for the first few weeks to promote optimal healing.

Most patients return to work and normal non-vigorous activities after 1 week, while exercise and other strenuous activities can be resumed within 4 – 6 weeks. The majority of swelling and bruising will have dissipated within 2 – 3 weeks, at which point you’ll begin to see the amazing results of your neck lift. The full results will be seen within the following 4 – 6 months as the body completes the healing process.

Risks Associated with Neck Lifts

A neck lift is a relatively safe procedure that has a low risk of complications when performed by a qualified surgeon like Dr. Furze. The risks associated with a neck lift include:

  • Loss of sensation along the hairline, near incision points
  • Asymmetry
  • Over tightening of skin and musculature
  • Nerve injury that causes weakness in lower lip (rare)
  • Skin discoloration, skin loss, and/or other skin irregularities
  • Visible scarring at incision points

In addition to these risks, certain risks are associated with all surgeries. These risks include adverse reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, infection, hematoma, and blood clots.

Necklift FAQ’s

Q How long will the results of my neck lift last?

While a neck lift can effectively erase signs of aging, it cannot stop the aging process altogether. The results of your neck lift can last between 5 – 15 years and varies based on how well you take care of your skin and body, your genetics, and who performs your surgery. Many of Dr. Furze’s patients report satisfaction with the results of their neck lift for upwards of 10 years.

Q What other procedures can be performed with a neck lift?

Neck lifts are commonly paired with a facelift to treat signs of aging on the mid-face. It can also be performed with a brow lift, eyelid surgery, laser skin resurfacing, and a number of other rejuvenating cosmetic treatments. Once he gains an understanding of your goals, Dr. Furze will suggest any additional procedures that may be of benefit to you.

Q Is the recovery from a neck lift very painful?

Most patients report that their recovery is uncomfortable, rather than painful. You can increase your comfort during your recovery by following all of Dr. Furze’s post-operative instructions.

What Our Patients are Saying

“I am a rhinoplasty surgery patient and it took me 9 years to finally choose a surgeon to trust with my nose”

Dr. Alexis is a pleasant young doctor who is knowledgeable and willing to take the time to answer your questions and cover all your concerns so that you feel good when you leave his office. I definitely recommend him if ever need his services.

Dr. Furze is easy to communicate with, and is meeting all my post op needs. Of course this is after a successful surgery that I fully understood and was scheduled on my terms as immediate as was needed.

Written by Dr. Furze
Last updated: Wed 13 March, 2019
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