Facial Implants


For patients who are seeking symmetry and balance in their face, Orange County facial plastic surgeon Dr. Furze expertly inserts facial implants in a quick procedure to provide a more proportionate appearance.

In many cases, he prefers to inject long-term fillers that can achieve similar aesthetic results without surgery.

In men and women alike, facial symmetry and well-defined structures are the cornerstones to an attractive face. Our perception of beauty follows the “golden ratio” – a concept identified by the ancient Greeks that is still relevant nowadays. When Dr. Alexis D. Furze meets with patients who are unhappy with their appearance, he carefully assesses the shape and proportion of their eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and eyebrows and may recommend the use of a facial implant.

Based on his experience performing thousands of facial surgeries, Dr. Furze recognizes that even subtle changes to these features can have a dramatic effect on an individual’s appearance. Dr. Furze was voted by his peers as one of the best physicians in Orange County (2017).  His board certifications in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and Head & Neck Surgery allow him to evaluate internal bone and tissue structures and modify them carefully to achieve long-lasting results.

Facial implants are made of biocompatible materials. These implants are solid structures that Dr. Furze positions beneath the skin to change the physical structure of the face. Facial implants come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, and are specially formed to suit different areas of the face.


Main Types of Facial Implants

Cheek Implants

High cheekbones are considered attractive for both men and women. Individuals who have a flat mid-face region and lack defined cheekbones may benefit from cheek implants, which can be used to augment the cheekbones and add volume in areas that are flat or recessed.

Chin Implants

A strong and prominent chin is desired by many male patients as it can make the face look more masculine. For females, a chin implant can improve the contour of the face, making the face look slimmer and more streamlined. Chin implants are one of the most effective ways of correcting a chin that is out of proportion with or lacks projection from the rest of the face. They can be used to augment the chin, change its shape, and add definition to the lower face.

Jaw Implants

A weak jaw lacks definition and seems to blend into the neck. Implants can be used to improve the appearance of the lower face by sculpting a more angular jawline. In some cases, chin and jaw implants are both required to achieve balance in the lower face.

Ideal Candidates for Facial Implants

If you are unhappy with your appearance due to facial imbalance or lack of definition in the cheek, jaw, or chin area, you may be a candidate for facial implants. Ideal candidates will also be physically mature (head/skull is in full adult size), in good overall health, be non-smokers or be able to quit before surgery, and have realistic expectations about what can be achieved through surgery.

Facial Implant Consultation in Orange County

Dr. Furze has been helping patients in the Orange County area improve their appearance using facial implants for many years. If you are concerned about a weak jawline, recessed chin, or lack of contour across your midface, we encourage you to contact us to set up an initial consultation with Dr. Furze today.

Facial Implant Surgery FAQ’s

Q What are facial implants made of?

To improve facial harmony Dr. Furze utilizes implants composed of solid silicone, Goretex (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) and Medpor (porous polyethylene). These malleable components are naturally accepted by the body, safely adhering to tissue throughout the healing process. Since newer implants are designed to integrate to your facial structure, they do not leak or move after 2 months.

Q Are facial implants a long-lasting solution?

With modern technology, we’re able to offer permanently enhanced features to men and women seeking cosmetic or medical augmentation. Once implants are affixed to facial bones, natural tissue and fat develop around the new structure as time passes.

Q How can I prepare for facial surgery?

When performed by a trusted surgeon, facial implants bring proportion to your facial structure. For the best results, we recommend patients refrain from smoking, drinking and taking blood-thinners before your procedure. This minimizes bleeding and the risk of side effects during and after surgery.

Q What is treatment like?

Your implant procedure begins with a topical or local anesthetic to provide comfort during the one-hour session. Typically Dr. Furze will make a gentle, yet precise incision along the upper lip or lower eyelid to minimize scarring. Next, the chosen implant is inserted into small pockets created by the surgeon, and secured with sutures.

Q What results should I expect?

Following treatment at our California office you will have a more symmetrically balanced face. Immediately after the implant procedure, you will experience slight swelling, bruising, and redness. During your 4 to 6-week healing process, your enhanced appearance begins to reveal itself. Our dedicated team of experts will be with you every step of the way.

Q What is recovery like?

Since all procedures are performed by facial reconstructive specialist Alexis D. Furze M.D., risks and side effects tend to be rare. After your implant treatment is through, we implement sterile facial dressings to protect your vulnerable and healing skin. Your attentive aftercare team will provide thorough recovery instructions, pain-relief medication and advise precautions for optimal healing. A follow-up appointment is scheduled before you leave our Orange County, California office.

What Our Patients are Saying

“I am a rhinoplasty surgery patient and it took me 9 years to finally choose a surgeon to trust with my nose”

Dr. Alexis is a pleasant young doctor who is knowledgeable and willing to take the time to answer your questions and cover all your concerns so that you feel good when you leave his office. I definitely recommend him if ever need his services.

Dr. Furze is easy to communicate with, and is meeting all my post op needs. Of course this is after a successful surgery that I fully understood and was scheduled on my terms as immediate as was needed.

Written by Dr. Furze
Last updated: Wed 8 May, 2019
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